Backlinks Indexing Service

We are sure you have a lot of backlinks that are not indexed.  LikesTweetsandSEO.Com aims to provide you with an affordable way to index your links.

Our backlinks indexing service is easy to use. Just cut and paste your links and click on submit button. That’s IT! Leave the rest to us.

Backlinks Indexing Service

Is Indexing of links important?

As webmasters and internet marketers who are trying to make a living out of internet, we all try our best to optimize our sites so we can be we can be placed high in Google ranking.

We search high and low for good quality links and pay big money for them. Why? Because we want Google to rank our sites higher than our competition.

So if you are already paying good money for good quality links, then why not take a step further to ensure and confirm your links are indexed by Google?

For all your know, your competition may be doing that last bit more than you 🙂 So should you index your links? Only you can answer that question. Make a decision whether money is better spend on building more links and then move on.

How Our Backlinks Indexing Service Work?

Just submit links based on the package level you bought. After payment for a package and submit your links, your batch of links will be scheduled for submission to our paid backlinks indexer.

Within 24 to 72 hours, a report of your submission will be generated and emailed to you.

* Note : – Before you submit your links to us, please perform a check on your links using Scrapebox to ensure each link is live, points back to your website.

Also please do not send us links that are rss feeds of your own links. Failure to perform this precheck will bring down the index rate and we reserve the right to deduct broken links, links of rss feeds from your quota.

Our Packages

Package 1
For 100 Links
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Package 2
For 250 Links
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Package 3
For 500 Links
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Package 4
For 1000 Links
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What is the index rate?

The answer is between 25 to 80%. Well it all depends on the quality of your links. Also with google making the important decisions whether to index your links or not (totally out of our control) it’s hard to give you an index rate.

Essentially what every indexing service aims to do is to get Google spiders to look at your links. Our job is, add your links to our paid backlinks indexer and send you a link where you can see the status of your submitted backlinks. When that happens our job is done.

From our experience, not all links will get indexed the first time round. You may need multiple resubmissions of unindex links to get links to be indexed.

Will this service index all my links?

It is better for us to address this question now. There is no way all your links will be indexed by Google. We also cannot guarantee how fast Google index your links.

Some links you submit may never be indexed by Google and we honestly do not know the reason why.

Nobody can control when Google decided to unindex your links. Google may relook their indexing system from time to time and decide that your links are not important.

Is There a Money back Guarantee?

Honestly it’s hard to provide money back guarantee for a service that is already so affordable.