How to Fix No Meta Description Has Been Specified?

“No meta description has been specified” – You probably see this when using Yoast Plugin. Some folks who are new to this message think that there is something wrong with their Plugin, SEO, or else.

You don’t need to worry, though. This plugin informs you that you have not typed anything in the “meta description” field for your posts or pages. Rather than an error, it is simply a notice to remind you to fill the meta description.

Thanks to the Yoast SEO plugin, you can check the SEO settings for each page and post. When you are not filling the field, “a copy of the page will be used instead” message to inform you.

No Meta Description Has Been Specified: The Solution

So, how to make this message disappear? Simple, you need to fill the field of the meta description.

SEO Meta Description and Title

Yoast SEO plugin offers the meta descriptions setting on each page.

  • You need to edit your post or page.
  • Then scroll down and find the snippet preview section.
  • In this section, Click Edit Snippet.
  • Through this snippet, you can add or change your custom meta description.
  • It will expand as you click it.
  • You can add, change, or even remote your meta description.

After you make the change, you can click Update to save the setting or Save Draft if you don’t want to publish your page or post yet.

Done! That’s it.

Solution No Meta Description Has Been Specified

Tips to have a Good Meta Description

Perhaps meta description is still a new thing. I presume that you’ve already known the important role of a meta description for your web page.

Therefore, you will want to write the best meta description for each post and page.

Here are the tips you can try to create a good meta description in every post and page.

Add Your Keyword

Add the keyword you use in your post in your meta description. Google will highlight it in the search result. It will also improve the chance to get featured.

Its Relevance with the Content

Make sure that your meta descriptions are relevant to the article content. The misleading descriptions can hurt your site’s authority.

Don’t Exceed 155 Characters

Better snippets won’t exceed 155 characters. You have the freedom to type as many words as you need in the meta description.

But to get the message delivered, you don’t need to go for that long. You can keep it short, dense, and catchy.

As you typed the meta description, your short message will look neater and more attention-grabbing. Sometimes, Google will show the meta description in the search results.

So, you will want to make sure that your message is conveyed well.

Use Active Voice

The active voice can motivate search engine users to visit your page. The active voice is attention-grabbing. You’ll want to keep on that.

Call-to-Action can Spice Up Well

The call-to-action can be anything like “check out more,” “reserve your option now,” “don’t miss this,” or else. It is more like an invitation to check on your page. Don’t miss it in your meta description.