How to Link to A Specific Part of Someone Else’s Page?

The web pages are the places where you share helpful information with your readers and web visitors. You can do many things to tweak your content to be more interesting and relevant for your readers.

One of the most interesting things about web pages is that you have the control to link to specific parts of someone else’s page. You can create links to other pages on your web pages.

Whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, or other CMS solutions, there is a basic, you can set.

It is very easy to link to a particular page. You could copy the URL address then share it or paste it for your anchor text. But linking to specific parts of other people’s pages is a different matter.

How to Link to a Section of a Page from Another Page?

For instance, you’ve found a great source for your article, and you’d like to share a particular paragraph with others. How would you direct them to that specific part?

If you know HTML, you will need to type some HTML codes to link to the web page’s specific part. But we won’t share with you the hard way since there is an easier way to do it.

For those who don’t have an HTML background, you can try this method.

  • First things first, make sure that you have a Chrome browser on your PC or laptop.
  • You will use a particular extension to copy the link to a specific part of the web page.
  • Google “Link to Text Fragment,” and you will quickly find the SERPs’ extension name.
  • Click on the extension page.
  • It is the only extension that you need to help you link to specific parts of other pages.

What is “Link to Text Fragment”?

Link to Text Fragment is a Chrome extension name that allows you to jump links that you can share with others. This can direct to a particular part of other people’s page or even your page.

With this extension, you can select the specific text, paragraph, phrase, or sentence that you want to share with others, create the hyperlink of it, or paste the links to other platforms to share that “specific” part of others.

When the others click on that link, they will be directed to the specific part you’ve chosen before.

The chosen part of the web page will appear highlighted in yellow to give other users visual cues of the part that you want to show to them.

How to Link to A Specific Part of Someone Else’s Page?

Step 1: Install Link Fragment Extension from the Chrome Web store.

Step 1

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome.

Step 2

Step 3:  Select Add Extension.

Step 3

BAM! You’ve installed this extension.

* You can find the extension at the top bar to access the service quickly.

Step 3-1

Step 4: To get the link to the specific part, you need to go to the web page you prefer.

For Example, I’m on Wikipedia Page “What is Website” and on this page want to link from specific part “Overview” Then:

Step 5: Select the text.

Step 5

Step 6: Right-click and click “Copy Link to Selected Text.”

Step 6

* You will see that the particular text is highlighted in yellow colour. (It is the visual cue to inform you that the text link is already generated and copied.)

Step 6-1

Step 7: The next thing to do is paste it on any medium you like.

Step 7

You can use it for the hyperlink in your blog, share it on Facebook, or anything you’d like. You can also test it by pasting the link in a new tab of your browser.