How to Stop Firefox from Opening New Tabs When Clicking a Link?

Are you annoyed with your Firefox which keeps opening new tabs unexpectedly?

When you click a link through your Firefox browser, you will probably expect to get redirected to your destination site.

But surprisingly, it opens multiple new tabs which do not have things to do with your destination.

How to Stop Firefox from Opening New Tabs When Clicking a Link?

There are some reasons for this annoying behavior.

It can be because of the malware, spyware, browser settings, bugs, or other problems in your browser.

If you use Firefox as the main browser, it is very important to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Here are the solutions “How to Stop Firefox from Opening New Tabs When Clicking a Link?” that have proven to be working.

Relaunch Your Firefox

  • It is one of the easiest things you can do.
  • When your browser opens some tabs unexpectedly, you could force close it through the Task Manager.
  • This will close all of the tabs at once.
  • When you relaunch the software after the crash or errors, Firefox will give you choices to reload or Start a New Session.
  • You are going to choose the “Start New Session” button to start fresh.

Configure Your Browser

As mentioned, it can be because of your browser settings.

Many users do not realize that the browser configuration can be the key to the user’s experience.

The settings will determine if your Firefox would open unexpected tabs or not.

Firefox can open multiple tabs if you enable your browser to open the web feeds, documents, and other media content.

For this case:

  • You will want to open the Options Then go to Applications tab.
  • The thing about opening multiple tabs is because Firefox does not ask you first before opening the links.
  • You can set it to the “Always Ask” option from the “Action” column.
  • When you activate “Always Ask”, the next time you open a website, Firefox will ask you first before opening the multiple tabs.

Update Your Antivirus and Internet Security

The last thing you want is that you allow the spyware and malware to attack your device.

The malware can affect your registry and PC system through your browser settings.

If you do nothing when seeing the signs, the multiple tabs can cause crashes, leading to a tampered Operating System.

Consider updating your antivirus from time to time.

If it is not enough, use malware removal programs on your PC.

You could rely on some free antiviruses such as AVG, AVAST, etc.

But it is a great idea to upgrade your account to the paid one because you can use all of the security features the software offers.

Reset Your Firefox

It might be the simplest way to manage the problems in your Firefox.

For most users, looking for incorrect settings, detecting malware, or other reconfiguration can be time-consuming and complicated.

If you are concerned about the urgency, resetting your Firefox will be the right thing to do.

  • Open “Troubleshooting Information” page from the Help Menu.
  • Then on the page, you need to find “Reset Firefox” and click it.
  • By then, your browser will close and reset.
  • After the resetting process is done, the browser will relaunch.

But after resetting, you will need to re-enter your preferences to get the browser ready.