How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the trendiest browsers in the world. You might use Chrome as the default browser on both your computers and laptops.

While you are using your Chrome for working, browsing, playing, watching multimedia, or any other activities, you don’t want to get bothered with the other tabs that show up suddenly.

Most of these tabs are opened by themselves because through Chrome you allow these sites to open the advertisements pop-ups pages.

If that’s the case, you will need to block these websites when seeing these problems.

These tabs can be annoying when you are working with your Google Chrome.

How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Chrome?

Not to mention that there’s a possibility that these websites contain malware which can be pretty dangerous for your device.

While you can make Chrome default by blocking all the ads, some of the malware is too intrusive so that your Chrome cannot prevent it from showing.

But this problem can be because of many things. Here are some ways “How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Chrome?” to work around the problem.

Use the AdBlocker Software

You could download and install AdBlocker software to your device to prevent any website from opening the ad or illegal tabs on your Chrome Browser.

One of the most popular ad blocker apps in the market is AdLock.

But you could also browse around the other options until you find the right Ad Blocker app for your device.

Use Pop-Up Blocker Software

Pop up blocker software is the same as Adblock software.

But sometimes, the software company separates these two products to make it easier for users to distinguish the features.

Update Your Antiviruses and Internet Security

Keep updating your antivirus software and internet security software to prevent the malware from attacking your PC or other devices through your Chrome browser.

It is also a great idea to routinely scan your PC.

Make sure to do the thorough scan.

Then restart your browser. More often, the problem will go away after you do this.

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Clear Your Browser Cookies

Some websites enforce Google chrome to open many new tabs automatically.

Even if you have come to the trustworthy and safe website, the cookies in your browser might be the real culprit of the new tabs.

But don’t block the websites because it can be about your cookies only.

  • So, clear your cookies and let Google Chrome do the rest.
  • Open the three dots icon and Click More Tools.
  • Select Clear Browsing Data.
  • In the time range option, choose “All Time”.
  • This will automatically clear all cookies from the first time you use your Google Chrome.
  • Then you can restart your Google Chrome, and it is done.

Check Your Chrome Extensions

Your Chrome could open automatic tabs because of various extensions.

Some of the extensions that you download and install in your Chrome might have the automatic features whose primary objective is to help their users access their services without complexity.

One example is the extension that comes from a live streaming site.

It will enforce Google Chrome to open to its latest published series or other content.

It might be helpful if you are following a specific TV series.

But it will be unnecessary distractions for your job.

Open Manage Extensions and see if there are any annoying extensions. You could delete them.

Update Your Chrome

The outdated version of Chrome can be the real reason why the malware can quickly strike so that it opens some tabs automatically.

Consider updating your Chrome version.

You can update the version by choosing Help – About Google Chrome – Update. That’s it!

You will have a newer version of your Chrome.