Can You Remove Your Business from Yelp?

YELP is one of the most popular platforms that help local businesses reach their target audiences. However, there are some sensible reasons why the business owner might want to remove theirs from YELP.

If you have been there, you probably have a great reason you don’t want your business to be in YELP.

It can be some competitors who disguise as customers and ruin your company’s reputation. Or perhaps, it can be some unfortunate events that lead the negative reviews there.

Can You Remove Your Business from Yelp?

There are a lot of scenarios in which adding your business to YELP is not ideal for you.

Either way, you may not want to expose your business so that people can leave negative reviews for products they have never tried before.

How if you can remove your business or company from this site? Would you do this to remove all of the negativeness?

If you have been looking for the “delete” feature on YELP, you should stop right now since it does not provide such a feature.

In a nutshell, there is no possible way to delete your business from Yelp even though you were the one who listed it on the site. It is 100% of the official’s rights.

This reviews site offers tons of tools for the business owners to improve their profile by adding formal information, deals, promotions, etc.

If used properly, it will bring a lot of benefits for your business.

Yelp also suggests that even businesses with a 1-star rating can turn the table if they have a good strategy to improve their services and strategy.

Can You Delete Your Business from Yelp?

Many stories prove the best ways to improve the Yelp ratings even though their competitors trashed the talk behind them.

However, when it comes to your business removal on the site, you won’t find your luck there because it is not available in the business support page.

The officials of Yelp also emphasize that the information shared in the site lies in the public record. Therefore, all of the business owners can’t find the removal feature.

The proposition above does not mean that Yelp won’t do anything for you if something unfair happens to your business.

You could get in touch with their customer support to fight for your rights. If you can prove your case, their staff would gladly help you out from hero to zero.

Although there’s no way to remove your business from YELP on your own, you can request it to the officials. In such rare cases, some requests could be granted.

  • To do this, you will need to contact the Yelp officials through the HELP menu.
  • Write down in detail about your problem.
  • Then send your message.

You need to be patient because Yelp officials have had slower responses lately thanks to the pandemic effects.

But they will surely reply to you in a day or two, or more, although the answer might not satisfy you.

No matter what’s the answer, it is worth your time to try. Who knows you can turn the table later.