Where should You Look to Find Contact Information about a Company?

You might have your curiosity when researching a company you are scouting.

Whether you are about to apply for jobs in the company, looking for insider information, finding a partner, building your case, or any other objective, you will need to be very specific about what you want.

For instance, if you are getting a job interview in such a particular company, getting to know the contact who works there can help you.

It is cool to build a good connection with some people there.

Where should You Look to Find Contact Information about a Company?

Finding a contact at a particular company is a creative way to get ahead of your competitors.

The trustworthy contacts will be able to help you with the employment candidacy in some ways.

Your contacts might inform you of the quick information about the vacancies that are not available in the public domain.

There are some techniques that you can try to find specific contacts at the target companies.

The good thing here is that you can do this by yourself without hiring private investigators to help you out.

Find the Contacts through Social Medias

The very first social media you will want to use is the LinkedIn platform. Chances are the company also has an official page on Linkedin.

  • All you need to do is visit their LinkedIn company pages.
  • These pages will list all of the connections at the company.
  • You can also find the second-degree connections or LinkedIn users who are connected to your connections.
  • From there, you can find the insiders or folks who have been working with the company.
  • From there, you can approach them to make connections and be friends with them.

Search in the Forums

Forums can be powerful tools to look for the contacts you need.

Most forums have their categories and threads to open a discussion medium for all folks who want to talk about specific topics.

  • You can easily find the contacts of people who have been working in such companies in the relevant threads.
  • If you are after HR department contact, you will likely find your contacts at the forum’s job vacancies threads.

Use Your Networks

Whether you are still studying or working, you can always use your acquaintances’ help to find the contact information about the company.

If you are a student or graduate, it does not hurt to try your luck through a career consultant or your alumni office.

The staff will gladly help you to find the contacts for you.

If you have graduated from the top university, it shouldn’t be hard to find the parents, alumnus, or the insiders to help you with the career network building.

You can also search the database based on the industry or niche of your interests.

The good thing is that you can now easily access it through your official alumni page.

You only need your Alumni credentials to enter the page.

Where should You Look to Find Contact Information about a Company? Their Official Page

You will find the formal contacts at their official site.

It is available on the Contact US page.

There could be a list of different people. But you know the chance.