Wordpress Address vs Site Address

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS or content management system that has been written in PHP.

The WordPress software is paired with a MySQL or Maria DB database. WordPress is famous for its easiness experiences.

According to a statistic as of March 2021, WordPress is in the peck on user experiences.

Most that the WordPress is operating 40.5% of the top 10 million websites.

At present, WordPress is one of the best and popular CMS or content management system solutions in use.

What is WordPress Website?

WordPress website is software where you can make your own blog. There are several settings and parts of WordPress on what it works. WordPress address and site address are the essential matters on the WordPress blog.

Here are the differences between WordPress address and site address.

At first, you may ask why the WordPress address and site address are needed.

You must have to update the WordPress Address and site address while changing the WordPress site URL.

What is WordPress Address?

WordPress Address is the place where all files, folders, and all information of users have been kept. Simply, your admin pages, media files, plugins, and themes are also stored in the WordPress address.

So, as a website admin, it is totally in your control when you enter the website. You can do whatever you want. You can write on your WordPress website, keep any files, videos, etc.

When you want to publish any content, blog, or video from your WordPress website, you may need many pre procedures like writing content, editing, readability checking, sentence structure checking.

So, you can do everything on your WordPress. You can use your WordPress website as an alternative to Microsoft Office, specifically, Microsoft word or google doc. So, purchasing a Microsoft office Pro is no longer needed.

If you use WordPress as a writing place, editing, transforming a place, basically you will not be interested that all people see each and every writing of your website. That is the point.

You want to show the final thoughts, final file to people. For that reason, in WordPress addresses, all information is hidden from the people.

The home address of WordPress is where the WordPress installation is. Generally, you should install these applications in the root folder of the WordPress domain.

What is Site Address?

The site address is the public-facing part of the website. As mentioned before, you can easily write, edit, transform your writings in the WordPress address site. And that site is totally hidden from the people.

But in the site address, everything is visible to the traffic or people.

So, we can say that the WordPress address is the raw site. And site address is the final submission.

Site Address in WordPress is the site that will be visible to people, or that will be shown to the people. For more specification, people or traffic will type your site address name to get your website.

For example, www.myworld.com is a site address used publicly in visiting cards or business cards.

This site address has always been given in visiting card, business card, in everywhere. Moreover, the site address is the way or door of reaching your website.

So, the site address is the part of the website that is visible to people. Most of the time, the WordPress address and the site address URL are the same in the link.

But in the corporate giant company, they use many different WordPress sites because their corporate website has several applications and always try to isolate where all apps are hosted. But most of the time, WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL stay the same for traffic hassle-free service.

In WordPress Settings, there are four major items. They are Site Title, Tagline, WordPress Address (URL), and the last but not the least is the Site Address (URL).

Most of the time, it depends on how you build up your site. Sometimes the two Addresses, WordPress Address, and Site Address may be created and set up with the same URL.

As mentioned before, most of the time, both WordPress addresses and Site Addresses stay the same, and URLs are also the same.

There are some key differences between the WordPress Address and the Site Address.

Differences between the WordPress Address and Site Address

The WordPress Address is based and equipped with admin pages along with all the other parts of the WordPress like folders.

All raw works are performed in the WordPress Address part like keeping folders, articles, videos that are not finished and prepared to show to the people.

For more clarity, when you want to publish any content, Pic, videos, flipbooks on your WordPress website, you need to make them perfect for the people.

The more you will make them well-edited, error-free, fantastic, the more traffic you will get to your WordPress website. But, surely, you do not want to show these unfinished tasks, unedited contents, videos.

You can keep these unedited materials in the WordPress Address where they will not be visible to the traffic or people.

You can store them in the draft save part. And you can edit whenever you want to edit.

On the other side, the site address is the main face body of a WordPress website that is visible to people.

When you finally complete your content and post on the WordPress website, this content will be visible to your website page.

Every people can see this. And also, the URL is the site address through which all people enter your WordPress website.

And so is the URL you give in your website’s visiting card or company’s business card.

When you install a default WordPress, most of the time, both WordPress Address and Site Address stay and remain the same.

But sometimes, your WordPress keeps in another folder or directory instead of staying on your public home page.

There are some reasons why the WordPress Address and Site Address stay different.

  • Your site has parts and functions that are not WordPress-based.
  • If you want to keep your rood directory free of the WordPress files, contents, folders.